O ur goal is to establish a strong relationship with the participation of the world's major accounting firms to bring about change in the new world financial system in blockchain.

Finance Management

P eople are more focused on finances than ever before and are looking to ensure their financial stability. A blockchain-based financial plan can easily categorize income and expenses and show income and expenditure details.

Such a system can easily communicate with financial institutions so that the data is automatically updated. What makes it a viable idea in the future is its potential to help people manage their finances. Transparency, error reduction and traceability are good features of this financial program .

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Brief description of our services


Providers A Dedicated Blockchain Based Finance Platform

How Many Groups Are Tesma Users Divided Into ?

Banks And Their Commercial Customers

Accounting Companies In The World

Finance Related Businesses

Uses Of Tesma

Blockchain As you know, the role of the blockchain in the financial world cannot be ignored or denied . The blockchain leads to improvements in the way services are provided using financial technology, thus enabling its users to conduct their financial activities automatically.


  • P 1
    Phase 1
  • Launch On Mainnet BSC
  • Launch On Pancakeswap
  • Listing On CoinGecko
  • Launch Website V 1
  • 5 % Token Burn
  • P 2
    Phase 2
  • Social media creating
  • Listing On Coin Market Cap
  • 5000 Holder
  • Various Partnerships & Sponsorships
  • Listing TESMA To One Of Major Crypto Exchanges
  • 2.5 % Token Burn
  • P 3
    Phase 3
  • Advertising Campaign Expansion
  • WhitePaper upload
  • 10000 Holder
  • Creation a Trial Version Of a Dedicated platform
  • 5 % Token Burn
  • P 4
    Phase 4
  • Major Platform Update With Loads Of New Features
  • Certik Audit
  • 100000 Holder
  • Launch Website Final Version
  • $100,000,000 Market Cap

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Important news for the users

The liquidity of the pancakeswap pool was removed on 01.10.2022 . this is due to the listing of the token in one of the best exchange offices in the world in January . users who have purchased the token can deposit , buy and sell the existing tokens in that exchange after being informed of the exact time of listing in the exchange . we are proud of having you as our users. According to the promises we have already made , we will keep our commitments until the end of our activities . hoping more success for everybody , we remain .

David james

Project founder